3. Building a FUN-draiser

Aaron Chamberlain on his historical Texas bike ride in 2020. Photo by Tony Drewry
Make a three year plan for the fundraiser that builds on each year’s success.
Mapping the ride was as important as having an event roadmap. Make a three year plan to build on success.
Me and the family as we get ready to saddle up for the ride.
I recruited friends Luke and Kim to ride with us too.

If your sole purpose is to host one major fundraiser a year and do nothing else, then your organization is not serving the greater good and is instead a tax shelter for the rich.

Ultimately, I hope these kinds of “nonprofits” that are irrelevant to the rest of society soon become discontinued in high society. It’s time to make way for the nonprofits that are rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done.



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