4. Accounting for Incompetence

Photo taken last year at this time in DC when I was looking up and counting Cherry Blossoms.

My first word of advice in nonprofit leadership is to make sure you have a solid bookkeeper and a trusted third party CPA/accountant to help file taxes and audit the organization.

Funders expect fiscal transparency and financial accountability, and I believe those moral grounds are at the heart of any reputable nonprofit.

An easy way to take a picture of receipts and file expenses from your phone. This syncs with QuickBooks and makes it easy for your bookkeeper to review and reconcile.
If you don’t have a lot of expenses and receipts, Genius Scan makes it easy to scan a receipt with your phone and then sends it as a PDF to email or on a shared server.
A number of small businesses and nonprofits are able to utilize QuickBooks Online now that it has become more affordable and flexible to your organizational needs. The online version allows the bookkeeper and leadership to easily share information, process financial transactions, and run reports.
This is a comprehensive platform for newsletters, CRMs, interactive web pages, payments, fundraising campaigns, and more. It can be pricey, but I was able to save on administrative overhead costs with this integration.
This is what every nonprofit needs in their lives for discounted software and digital tools.



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